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Rajecent Plays - Technic SSP


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This is our first Let's Play/Tutorial/Spotlight videos for the Technic Pack. We are very experienced in all the designs and machines in the pack and have worked on putting together some great vids showing off our work and may just give you an idea or two.


If anyone has questions please leave a comment on Youtube, and as always our videos will remain "reply" freindly so feel free to respond with your creations!


As part of this series, I will be providing world saves for download, so anyone can check out the creation and follow along in the tutorials/videos

This series is dedicated to the less explained in Technic. The goal is to stay away from the energy condenser and make factories for all types of tasks, and explore those items in NEI that we don't understand how they work, or just simply ignore.

Playing Technic v 7.2

Youtube Playlist:


Channel Link:


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Episodes 3 and 4 are now live on Youtube:

Also Added today is world downloads for each episode. I zip up my world save at the end of each episode and host it so everyone can follow along with the series. The link is available in the description of the videos.


Technic #3 - Nether Factory and Industrial Craft Power


Technic #4 - Transformers Mod Engines

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Episode 7 now up and ready for viewing.


Thaumcraft part 2, In this episode we go into the Aura, the magical mystical area around you. What it means, how to measure it, how it effects your world, and how to manipulate the aura for your needs.


Vis Detector

Taint Detector


Manipulating the Aura

Raising Taint

Raising Vis

Vis Condenser

Silver Wood Trees

Havesting Silverwood tree and making artificial trees

Technic #7 - Thaumcraft Part 2 - Aura Manipulation

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New Episode is now up on Youtube. Part 8!


Technic #8 - Thaumcraft Part 3 - Quaesitum and Thaumonomicon

Thuamcraft 2 part3. In this episode we talk all about how to research and out first 4 discoveries!

Covered in the episode:


Need for paper

Research Values and %

Boosting with bookshelves


Theories and Difficulty

Discoveries thus far:

Seven league boots

Concentrated Vis

Self Repair Enchantment

Thaumic Generator

Seven League Boots

Youtube link:

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Technic #9 - Automatic Pumpkin Farm


In this episode we build an automatic pumpkin farm for our Thaumcraft needs. We use Redpower 2 to accomplish this task. Very simple and effective design, but hey, the best engineered designs are usually simple.

Don't forget to check the description for the world download link and follow along in the adventure!

Youtube link:

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