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Anyone familiar with Votifier and Listeners? Need help!!


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On the Votifier page, There is a files bar at the top. It will bring you to a page where you can download a version suitable to Tekkit. (I chose one from 1.2.5 since Tekkit is 1.2.5)

When you have Votifier downloaded, place it in your plugins folder. Start the server, there should be a votifier folder generated in the plugins folder.

In the config, You need to add your server host ip. You need to port-forward to 8192 which is the port votifier uses. I assume you know how to port-forward since you have a server you are advertising.

Inside that folder is a listeners folder. You download the Listeners and place them in the listeners folder. To find the listeners you want, go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/votifier/forum/vote-listeners/Find the Listener you need. The one i use is the Listener that gives items. This also works with Tekkit IDs as well, I believe.

Add the item ids into the config and Your done.

Good Luck!!!

Post if you need details on anything else.

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It only works with compatible server lists. The Server list should have settings for your server like a votifier option. Does TekkitServerList have this? I use Minestatus since its pretty easy to set up and it is compatible with Votifier.

If there is an option in the server settings, you must enable votifier in those settings, add your server address, the votifier port ( provided most likely) and insert the public key which can be found in RSA folder in the votifier folder. Its in .KEY format, open it with a Text editor and copy and paste

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