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Space Battles [Technic 7.2.7]


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Being Remade Stand By For Updates

Space Battles is a redpower game i'm making. you battle enemys with your mighty spaceship which you soon will be able to upgrade and more! it is currently in 0.6.

Planned Stuff :

Ship Customization


Multiple Weapons


Multiple Enemys


Bigger Ship

Enemy Ship Design



Maybye A Space Station?

And More

instuctions :

go towards the enemy and behind it DESTROY THE REDSTONE TORCH!

and thats it :)



(by the way in the version im working on the wires will be less exsposed)

pictures at this link


change log comes with download



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I tryed it and I'm confused so I spawned at the iron platform and I went on the ship and now Idk where to go

yeah i did kinda make it a bit confusing. this is what you do

1. go behind the enemy (its a pole with a dispenser)

2. destroy the redstone torch.

3. go back to the starting platform

4. play!

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