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Trying to install WorldGuard

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Hello and thanks for at least looking at my question! :)

Okey, so I have just started up my own Tekkit server 2.1.1 and it's working great. So that isn't a problem, but here it is:

So, due to how Tekkit works with all the pipes and all the electrical circuits roaming around the world I (saw this in a video first) though that maybe it would be a good idea to turn of the horrendous creeper due to their capability for mass destruction, especially when you are playing something like Technic/Tekkit. So I looked up a mod which could turn them of, and if I'm not wrong WorldGuard can do that. So I downloaded the 5.5.1 version and did as the instructions told but when I launched the server it asked if WorldGuard was out of date and didn't do anything with it because of that. I looked but from what I could see it seemed updated and ready to go. So I wonder if there is a problem with WorldGuard, I'm just to stupid to get it working or if there is another mod which does what I want and doesn't struggle that much with me.

I'm really new to Tekkit and not all that technical but at least I got a server running. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! :)

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I'm not entirely certain of the version you're using and of what craftbukkit release it is built upon, but you'll have to try several releases before you can get it working. I'm using a version built for 1.0 so you just have to try a few until one works. Though it does have to be one that works for 1.1-R4 (version of CB that tekkit uses). Good luck and I'll see if I can find the version I'm using.

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Wow, thanks! The fact that you mention CB saved me, it made me grab the only one mentioning a version of CB and not the CB recommended build for a specific version. BIG thanks and also for such a fast reply, thanks! :)

Yes, 5.3 worked for me to :)

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