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Wild Speculation Ideas


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I've been wondering what are other's wild ideas that may or may not be possible but would be seriously unfathomable to where if it wasn't there, we'd not know how we went without them before, ex:Internet, Google/Wikipedia, Microwaves, etc.

My awesome idea is to where there'd be a helmet or an implant that gives you your entire Primary-High School education in one day, or another short period of time. So once that process is complete we can choose our major and go to a 'university' that offers 'university helmet/implants' and then get to work sooner. Which of course they can be interchangeable so if you wanted to be a Physicist after your 'university helmet' and you later decide you want to be a Teacher you can just go back to the 'university' and use the 'university helmet/implant procedure' to learn how to be a Teacher while still retain your knowledge of being a Physicist. I'd say we spend about 1/4 to 1/5 (Considering if we all live to 100 and finish High School and or go to a University) of our lives in School and if we can cut that time down that dramatically we'd have more time to spend discovering/inventing new and exciting items/ideas (Now of course this can be used in the wrong ways entirely but, let's just say those incident is non-occurring.)

What are your ideas?

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