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  1. EE is actually a great mod, imo, I think that the sheer amount of resources you put in is equal does pay off for the huge profit you get once you're done with it. I just think maybe it needs to be a bit harder and within EE itself, so not requiring just 10+ diamonds to make a single component, i'm talking about like an energy within EE that's generated somehow and that energy runs things, and to make said energy you need to throw in some sort of fuel made from diamonds or something expensive so that the amount you throw in at first can counteract the amount you'd receive once you're done.
  2. Industrial Craft 2 is really one of my favorite mods, I don't know why, it's just something about how easy it is, how if you learn it once it sticks forever; maybe it's just me being too clingy or not wanting to change how I play MC, maybe it is time to move on, i'll miss it and hopefully i'll be able to move onto better and more advanced mods in Minecraft. Sigh, I guess it's time to delete my current MC world that i've been working on for a while now, time to start again with better mods and without IC2. That's my honest reason response to reading these replies, reading these responses ac
  3. Thanks for pointing those out, so far they look amazing, I may consider getting those instead!
  4. I don't like having a mic on my desk because it's just very uncomfortable for me. I like being able to turn my head anywhere and have my mic still near my mouth, I feel pretty constrained when I have my SM7B mounted (i'm a vocalist so I used to use my studio-ish microphone for my pc) so desk mics aren't really my fortae.
  5. And once you're down you can go down to the local grocer and buy a basket of Potatoes and Onions and other vegetables and balance the basket on your head!
  6. You could make hook it up to a Skateboard and cruise down streets playing some Bach and Beethoven; or maybe you can connect it to a helmet wear it and jog down the road, I don't know how you'd be able to keep the needle from jumping though.
  7. A Turntable is obviously the more logical choice.
  8. I feel your pain, I too want something with those specification but I really do not like Apple products. Apple really has a monopoly on portable music devices though :(
  9. I play Tekkit and i'll be 17 next month, I've recently started a Tekkit server but my usual friend doesn't want to play for some reason. I'm a self proclaimed expert at Technic (Except for ComputerCraft), i'll give you a try, go ahead and PM me your Skype.
  10. I used to be a 360 gamer so I had bought a Turtle Beach X41 back in the day. Well yesterday they finally broke (I've had mine for maybe 3 years, ported them to PC gaming maybe a year and a half ago, i'm strictly a PC player now) so now i'm in dire need of a new Headset, but i'm fairly stuck on a decision. I can either get a Turtle Beach Z6A or a Tritton 720+. I've read up on both and they both seem great and are the same price, the only big difference that's pretty obvious is the 720+ is 7.1 VIRTUAL surround sound, while the Z6A is 5.1 TRUE surround sound. I've heard that the 720+ may have som
  11. I've been wondering what are other's wild ideas that may or may not be possible but would be seriously unfathomable to where if it wasn't there, we'd not know how we went without them before, ex:Internet, Google/Wikipedia, Microwaves, etc. My awesome idea is to where there'd be a helmet or an implant that gives you your entire Primary-High School education in one day, or another short period of time. So once that process is complete we can choose our major and go to a 'university' that offers 'university helmet/implants' and then get to work sooner. Which of course they can be interchangea
  12. Jolly Rancher's Filled Lollipops Is there really any other reason to live?
  13. I consider a necro as posting anything to a thread when it's last post is more than 30 days old.
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