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1.2.5 tekkit problems


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hi I am new to the forums but I am despret I bought a new pc and it only runs minecraft 1.3 and all the new ones but it dosent seem to run 1.2.5 if any of the admins on the forums can tell me when tekkit will update to 1.3 plz respond it will help I am a youtuber and my youtubers are asking for tekkit plz respond

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I don't even know how to respond to this....

But ok, since you are new to the forums, I'll be nice.

1. Don't ask for ETA's. Ever. It will be updated when it will be updated, no sooner.

2. You have a problem with tekkit and so you decide to post in Off-Topic? There's a Tekkit Bug Section.

3. Punctuation. Use it.

4. You provided no Information as to why your computer won't run 1.2.5 or even any general information about your computer.

5. I fail to see how anyone would be able to run 1.3 but not 1.2.5.

6. No amount of youtube "fame" will make us want to help you more.

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