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  1. Maybe if you'd show us what you did, we could point out what's wrong? I've put together smelteries before with no trouble.
  2. Well, you should have said that, then. You can try running the techniclauncher.exe as an administrator if you're on windows, but other than that someone more knowledgeable will have to come along to help you.
  3. Tekkit Classic should already be on your launcher by default. Try scrolling along the modpack list in there, you should find it.
  4. And why didn't that work, may I ask? Either you forgot your email password too, in which case, you have bigger problems than just this, or you're trying to get a friend's password out of the lastlogin.
  5. Allow me to point out a few things. First off, perhaps if you had worded your request in a more sophisticated way, someone would have taken the time to help you. Also, rather than posting a bug report in the technic launcher section, maybe the platform pagoda would have been more fitting? And, the more information you include, the better, such as the link to the modpack you're trying, and things you've tried before. Next, you bumped your post only ten minutes after posting. I don't think anyone even saw your post, let alone wanted to acknowledge it. Then, you proceeded to complain about things that happen as a result of no help, instead of figuring it out yourself. Lastly, may I point out that technic doesn't really have "customers" per se, as their services don't cost the consumer a monetary value, so I don't know what you're trying to prove there. There may still be hope for you, but I severely doubt it.
  6. Yes, it works fine with me. Are you sure you added the correct version?
  7. You install optifine to hexxit the same way you install it to any other technic modpack. Simply take the correct version of optifine and copy the files into the modpack.jar. If that's not working, you're doing something wrong.
  8. No, it doesn't depend on your timezone >.> I don't even see why it would.
  9. In about an hour and through the technic launcher.
  10. Definitely agree this is the new godwin land speed world record, though the last one was significantly less random.
  11. You post a decent bug report, that's what you do.... You know, in the right section, with information and all that? Also, google is your friend. And the bold text just hurts my eyes, it doesn't make it better.
  12. Take a look here. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/woah-what-technic-front-page-mystery-discussion.46755/page-22#post-386900
  13. Also, 32-bit systems can only allocate up to 1.5 GB, IIRC. So either you have 32-bit windows (not sure if Windows 8 can be 32-bit) or you installed 32-bit java.
  14. I don't ever get important PMs :eng99:
  15. Ok, either your sarcasm detector is broken beyond repair or you really are that dense. Allow me to elaborate.... You come into a long-dead thread to put an unrelated problem that answers itself, then continue to not understand this fact despite our most passively aggressive efforts to convey this to you.
  16. It's clearly an alien trying to communicate with us.
  17. First of all, this is in the wrong section. But you can't find any gems because they don't exist in Tekkit, since RedPower was removed. Also, the Emerald used to make the Tinker Table is the Vanilla one, and can be found in Extreme Hills (IIRC). Failing that, trade for one at a village.
  18. It fairly simple, actually. First off, voltz is part of what comes with the launcher as default, so it should actually already be on the left side (try scrolling up/down), and the "add new pack" is for custom modpacks. To install a custom modpack, go to the packs page on the technicpack.net website, and click "copy platform url" or something nearish the top, then paste it into the launcher and play.
  19. The obliviousness is strong with this one....
  20. Oh, you've been insulted. By one person. On the internet. It wasn't even really that much of an insult, and I, in fact, meant it as criticism rather than attacking you. Here's some advice, if you'll take it: a thicker skin does the community a world of good.
  21. Your words burn, considering you're making random negative assumptions about me based on one post. They really do.
  22. I actually don't know how to respond to this.... Not only is this a total necro, but this would only make you see the default skin as whatever you put without solving the original problem (?), is (in a small way) advocating piracy, and the technic launcher doesn't even use the .techniclauncher directory any more.... Edit: and the caps are annoying
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