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Remember those old 3x3 piston doors? Why not use turtles instead?


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So you know those 3x3 piston doors. They are really big and super clunky right? Well I had an idea to make a really ultra small version of a 3x3 door but instead of using pistons why not use turtles?

You may be thinking "why use turtles anyways?". Well one con with using turtles is that they are by no means cheap however they look super cool AND you can make absolutely huge doors and it really doesn't get any more complicated than your 3x3 door. If you need any more persuasion you can make really ultra cool and intricate designs including doors which open in a "circular" pattern! Imagine it! Now we have a piston that can go round corners ;).

So here's the beautiful video ;) :

Using turtles in your doors is also fast and compact and they are extremely user friendly unlike redstone. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the video and I managed to persuade to you that turtles are the new pistons. In my opinion turtles are the way to go -> even in the new versions of computercraft where turtles have fuel. Just top the turtles up with 5-10 blaze rods and that'll keep them going for a long time!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll see you next time for the next video I release!

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