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[3.1.2]ColonialCraft[24/7][PvE][100 Slots][Open][SurvivalGames][iConomy][MobArena]


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IP: colonialcraft.mossycobble.com

ColonialCraft is a 24/7 SMP Tekkit server that has many great plugins, that include, chestshop, multiverse, survival games, and many more. We currently have 29 plugins. We have great, friendly staff that will be more than happy to help out. So, please come and check us out! Also check out our website and donations page.


Currently we are a small server with many kind, helping people who love to take in new players to live and build with them, because tekkit is more fun with multiple people helping out. We are trying to grow our server size because we love to expand and have more amazing creations.

We are now GreyList


1. No Griefing

2. No hacking or cheating

3. No spamming

4. No Stealing from other players

5. Do NOT Ask for creative, Admin, Moderator, or Cheat Mode. It will only decrease your chances of getting these things. Play legit and you will get promoted, or donating will get you promoted.

6. Please Build 100-250 blocks away from spawn it will make spawn less crowded and better for everyone.

7. Do Not build close to other people, tekkit requires a lot of space. Also, Do Not place protection near other people's items, Admins will remove the protection or roll you back.

8. Have Fun, Don't harass other players, and enjoy the server.

Banned Items:

Destruction Catalyst






Population Density






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Ignore what I said about this being a good server. DO NOT JOIN IT. I was playing for about 3 hours, then everything I had build had vanished. These guys have horrible server equipment and didn't help me. They just said that their server had messed up. DO NOT JOIN THEIR SERVER.

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i was playing the server about to set up a bar and then i lost connection, when i try to connect it gives me that message and says i can't reach the server.

sorry I didn't get to you soon enough there was a problem with your account and the server thinking you were signed in, I fixed it. I would have got to you sooner but I was at hockey practice.

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I don't think Jobs work as intended. Are they suppose to be turned in somewhere?

Also, where can you sell things? Is there a special command I am not seeing or does something need to be build/done before things can be sold?

To sell items you just have to make a shop and sell your items to people we have chest shop. so place a chest and make a shop. If you need help just ask an admin, and they will help you out.

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Wow, we have a immature prick on this server. everytime i'm off for a day or so my house gets griefed, this last time they stole my collectors and relays. Please, if anybody can identify the person who has been griefing the house on top of the volcano east of the spawn report them. i would appreciate it greatly

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