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  1. Minecraft username: NightFire666 Where you found this server? The forums Why you want to be on this sever? do* Because I need something to kill some time till the 6th What are you planning on doing on the server? Whatever I feel like Your favourite colour? Blue
  2. To complete the above: BLUE is INPUT, ORANGE is OUTPUT. So click the Cog shaped icon on the right hand side when you open up the Mag Crucible's interface, and depending on which side the Liquid Transposer is on, change that side or Orange. On the Liquid Transposer change the side attached to the Mag Crucible to Blue.
  3. Umm try using Arrow Dispensers? Set it to a redstone with like an Entity detector? Or just blast the SoB with the Railgun?
  4. Oh this one is simple. Whenever you mine Nether ores be sure to have your sound on. You will hear a sound like the TnT when it's about to explode. That sound means that a Nether ore is about to explode. If you find which one is about to explode, tends to be the one adjacent to the ore you just mined, you can deny the ore explosion.
  5. Endermen have a higher spawn rate in the desert. Since it doesn't rain there, rain being on of the major weaknesses of Endermen.
  6. Yeah Steves Carts is probably one of the best mods Tekkit has. Learn it, and love it. It can mine a MASSIVE 9x9 tunnel in about 30 minutes, it can farm any type of crop or tree at the same time, it can be self sufficient. And with another few patches to a current bug with Chunk loading, it can transfer liquids long distances without the need for tessaracts. But yeah Tess's are better, just looks cooler with Steves Carts.
  7. Seems like the Quarry causes a flashing screen bug. Anyone know of a fix?
  8. Will always dream of the day someone brings back RP2.. Such a fantastic mod!
  9. Give or take a few weeks I'll see what i can come up with!
  10. Why are you posting Tekkit Classic stuff in Space Tekkit? Even then why are you using BC pipes and not RP2? RP2 never spills.
  11. Actually with a decent amount of porta spawners, and a legendary Slime, you can get infinite blaze rods. Have over 10k at the moment, so I'll try using that method.
  12. Yup no pumps. No Mystcraft/Nether pumping. I'm thinking Mag Crucible or Lava Fab, but Mag Crucible requires 24kMJ for Cobble and Lava Fab cost 20k flat out. Will it even out if I use more Mag Engines?
  13. Aye that's what I loved RP2. It had to much control over where is sent what that it made full factories look so amazing!! I'm still hoping for a return of that mod, but I doubt it will happen.
  14. You can use ME and Logistics together with MFR to cut all that work down to half. 1- Planters+ Emerald Upgrade, attach a Logistics pipe, then a Phased. Phased goes to the Bio system. 2- Harvester + Emerald Upgrade, attack Basic Logistics Pipe to send it down the Logistics system, any and all Machines and Intersections require the Basic Logistics Pipe. 3- 128 BioFuel Generators/2 Bio Reactors set a MK2 Chasis to the Bio Re and place a Supplier Module in it. In the Module place whatever type of fuel you'll want to provide. In this case it'd be Cocoa Beans. You can add up to 8/16/24/32/40 types of items depending on your chasis. This will send all Cooca Beans to that Reactor, you can also set it to default location but it's not really needed. 4- x DSU now I put an X because you will want to do this for each DSU. Place a Chasis MK2/3 onto the DSU, and set it to Exclude all. Now place a Item sink into it. But do not set it to default. What it should do is send the Beans down the system into the Reactor, if the reactor is full the Item Sink will call them back. It'll take a few moments for the system to warm up, since the beans do need to grow and spread to every piece of Jungle wood. But once it starts up it's a nice power maker. Prefer Magmatics though with a Lava World. But that's just a simpler way of doing it. When the server I'm on starts up again I'm gonna try out the system you laid out. Seems like fun.
  15. I lol'd. BC works. Lets leave it at that. If it wasn't for Logistics Pipes it'd be near useless for piping. Btw Logistics can send power through phased pipes, so long as the Phased pipe is set to Send&Receive. Also it's a lot more intelligent then the normal pipes, so if you connect a basic logistics pipe at the end and put whatever item in it that you want it to receive it will definitely move into that pipe. Or you can set it to Default Route and all items will go to that pipe, then connect it to a horde of diamond pipes to sort it all out. OR connect it to an Interface Matrix and it will be sent directly into the ME system. Then connect Storage buses to whatever you want the items to be sent to. Or export buses. But I'd like to see what the chest currently contains so..
  16. This is not Tekkit Classic. This is Tekkit Space. I doubt the team that comes up with the names is nowhere near as imaginative as me.
  17. Username: NightFire666 Age: 21 Why Tekkitopia? Because I want to play on a Multiplayer Server? Your secret code: 12Nig
  18. When I first started Tekkit, I thought Galactic Craft(GC) was the worst mod they could have added. But after seeing that. My god it was beautiful. It makes me want to go back and get on GC ASAP.
  19. Oh that should work fine how he has it. Just make it so that it's set to Send Only and the other one is set to Receive Only. Seems as you have it set to Send and Receive.
  20. I heavily suggest to everyone coming in to stay away from this server. If you are caught in a luck streak, or mining without torches because you have little to no resources due to bad planning and really bad luck, you will be banned permanently without an investigation and without evidence. Again. Everyone find another server. Whitelist server is preferable since those tend to have Admins that don't abuse powers.
  21. What mod is incompatible with the void pipe? And even in the earlier versions of MFR the DSU wasn't buggy at all. It was actually one of the few things that worked right in the early days of this mod.
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