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  1. Thanks to all, really appreciate the ideas.
  2. Anyone else notice that there are hardly any Endermen? We see maybe one or two a day. Any mods affecting this? Or should I go looking for a plugin that affects spawn? Hard to accumulate resonant ender, when there's hardly any endermen around.
  3. Yep. My group's been down for about a year due to one of these "new world" recommendations. Fortunately, we just came back on the 1.6.4 beta, so we're set for a little while, but it'll come again.. I think the only real way to resolve is for there to be some sort of conversion tool. I remember with some of the old Technic migrations, users created a worldconverter. Without something like that, we have to reset.
  4. They added Forestry to Tekkit? That doesn't sound right. There was a big ol' kerfuffle a year or so ago between the mod maker and Technic that got it removed from the pack. Can't imagine it getting back in.
  5. Looks like DD dev has resolved with the latest build: http://mcf.kvantti.net/topic/1650007-16x-betauniversal-dimensional-doors-v141-eyes-in-the-dark/page__st__3120#entry28725045
  6. Why are you hosting a server to begin with, then? It's not a setup-and-forget kinda thing.
  7. 1. RTFM 2. RTFR 3. Admin status on your server is not a reward. That you'd offer it as such is hilarious. 4. HERE IT COMES!
  8. Price chart of a few of the vendors I considered.
  9. Not a whole lot you can do. You'll need the new generation of it anyway, because I can guarantee your old map doesn't have any of the new Tekkit ores spawned in it. Use something like MCEdit to copy over your old buildings.
  10. Verily. But you can setup auto-farms with railcraft.. so its not like you're out of options.
  11. Your words make sense, but the order in which you put them does not.
  12. Pretty sure Technic doesn't allow offline mode, in any form.
  13. 1. Probably. Someone made a converter when we went from 1.1.4 to 2.1. I presume someone will do the same here. 2. Unknown. SirPoopyPants will be removing the DRM eventually, supposedly.. but there are no promises as to whether the IDs will sync.
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