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  1. Thanks 00Ducky, You've given me some confidence. I will give upgrading the server a shot this weekend and see how crazy things get!
  2. Galacticraft would be really nice to use. It's never been useful at all Restarting is NOT an option for any of my players. We've restarted, I dunno, 5 or 6 times over the past few years. Moving onto new modpacks, or updated ones. Just loosing the reactor builds with atomic science being removed is a big problem. I think at this point I'm just going to call it quits. I don't believe there is a good solution for this for any modpack. Modders are going to burn out, or better mods will always be made that obsoletes old builds. It's the nature of the beast, and it's too bad really. I love m
  3. I don't suppose this problem is just with Tekkit, but I've had some major issues on my server here lately. This is not a critique in any way of how Tekkit is managed. Just a short bit of backstory. I play minecraft with a group of friends (maybe 10 people all together), we've been playing minecraft since alpha (before multiplayer) and we've run multiple servers and restarted worlds many times. When the "new" Tekkit was release we were very happy, we can get in on the ground floor and stick to a world for some time! Here we are less than a year later and we're now being recommended
  4. Please post the code to pastebin. I'll look at it later tonight if you can. Assuming Niverton hasn't solved your issue.
  5. I would try this: Install Tekkit from scratch on the new machine. Get it all working. Then, apply your custom changes. Although really, you could be creating your own mod pack for this sort of thing, which would solve the problem you are running into.
  6. I do not believe so. We have 2 fortresses very close to our spawn nether portal.
  7. But you could wear a space suit under water. NASA does it. http://venturebeat.com/2013/12/13/watch-nasa-test-its-new-pumpkin-spacesuit-in-underwater-lab/
  8. Tekkit is all BuildCraft power, just by looking at the block it is reading volts and amps, which is something that is in Volts. I have not seen this block in Tekkit. Also, the wiring is from Volts, that I am sure of. That block is attached to the wiring so I'm not sure it is from Atomic Science.
  9. From what I understand it is impossible to make a stable oil world. You have to make new ones when the old ones collapse. Here is our automated cow farm: http://imgur.com/a/hCtr6
  10. Here is some pics of our combustion power plant. http://imgur.com/a/5QimP
  11. Combustion engines will run forever if you set them up correctly. You need to feed each set of 4 engines with an aqueous accumulator. This will keep them cool and will keep them running at max output indefinitely. You can make easy and scalable early game energy systems with it. With Mystcraft you can get a limitless supply of oil (keeping stability in mind). We keep the engines around as the core supply. We've been using the fission reactor for a high demand supply, like when we're running quarries or the laser drill. So far, with the fission reactor I've got 35 large turbines. The f
  12. We've redesigned our setup to be a single tower with 10,240 buckets of storage just for oil. We converted our old oil tanks to just fuel, for about 6k buckets of storage. Which gives up approximately 6 days of fuel in the cans, plus 10k oil on reserve, so we should get a little over two weeks supply. One of the things that drove us to the idea for massive storage was changes in Mystcraft here recently that makes oil ocean worlds SUPER unstable. So we were going to try to just grab up a f*ck ton of oil and be done with it for a while. What we did in stead was to disable decay in Mystcra
  13. I don't think you're giving us enough information here to try to help you. Can you post the actual error message you're getting, and where you are seeing it?
  14. I like this idea a lot. We haven't put much though into alternative power storage design since TE removed the loss in redstone energy conduits. I will have to look at some options here such that I can still hook the cells up as CC peripherals. Tekkit adds the capability of massive scale. I would say this is the 3rd or 4th time we've caused major server issues due to our very large scale projects. We really like to push the limits. If you think this is ridiculous you should have seen our storage system from Tekkit Lite before we discovered AE. It was.... silly.
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