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  1. no we have just been using dropbox for the mod pack link
  2. you can use it to build the base too and can replace blocks destroyed. I only use it for my air system currently would be interesting to see that
  3. atomic science electromagnets, not pretty but work
  4. I had 4 running fusion reactors with 196 large turbines supplying power for the whole server and now I have NOTHING. I have some bioreactors to keep my own stuff online but damn. put it back the way it was. so what if big reactors is op. it is safety scissors for minecraft anyway. let the noobs have their easy stuff and put ours back.
  5. It was already a perpetual free energy machine, what the hell do people want? it was fine the way it was, sheesh
  6. youtube is your friend anything you could ever need and want to know about every mod ever made is there
  7. I just try and think of it like learning math in school. They don't make it easier because you have a difficult time with it. It is that way to help you learn how to problem solve. Minecraft can help people learn to problem solve to, just in a fun way. sure you can play however you want but in the end you're only hurting yourself. it is really no different than using godmode in any other game. you can do it, no one is stopping you, but is it really fun anymore? maybe I am alone thinking this, I like the challenge, I prefer it not to be easy. I like thinking. hmm that didn't work what would be a better way.
  8. that is funny, but also not what I meant. I mean people should be problem solving and looking for another way to do things not cheating by editing config files
  9. exploding ores not affected by quarries, they will mine them just fine and not explode pffft, easy mode might as well be in creative then
  10. I don't mind doing it learning it myself do you have instructions or know where I can get instructions Thanks
  11. Why aren't there more planets? I saw a lot in x video... More planets will be released soon. There are about 11 dimensions in the works right now. right from the glacticraft website itself
  12. hehe I did that too, who cares it is is seriously unstable, only need it long enough to fill your tanks
  13. do you get the same error with any other mod pack? have your tried more than one server? has it always done it?
  14. that would definitely explain why mine are not even spinning.....damn
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