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Hello mates, I'm doing a Tekkit server, and it seems incredible the possibilities out there.

But I have a problem, when I put a "Mining Well", or a "Quarry" is not happening that does not work, not mine and not automatically get the materials. If singleplayer game if it works well.

What can it be?, I still have not changed anything in the settings, everything is default. I have the latest version of Tekkit and server, I've downloaded yesterday.

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try adding [buildcraft] to ops.txt to make it an admin. That is the fake player buildcraft uses to place and remove blocks.

Thank you very much for the help. Something very strange happens. In my local server now works correctly, but on the server where we play does not work.

I uploaded the folder "config" and "buildcraft" so that the settings are all the same, but still, does not work on my server what can be?

Edit: I just discovered it does not work when Bukkit plugin "AuthMe" is active, Kind of strange is not it?

Try putting the XAuth but that does not work, any other alternative?

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