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(Question)MFSU, Lapotron's and Filters. Oh My!


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Ok, so here i am trying to figure out a way to use ender chests to move charged laptotron crystals from my generator area to MFSU's offsite for power storage, then filters to pull the discharged lapotrons out of the MFSU's and return them back to the charging area (using the same ender chest, just a different filter. one inserts full, other pulls depleted) However I've noted that Lapotrons can only be inserted via the bottom of the MFSU otherwise they end up in the top slot (that takes power if the lapotron isn't charged fully from the MFSU) But I want to be able to extract the discharged lapotrons and send them back. With a tube already at the bottom plugging it with charged lapo's how do I extract them when the lapotrons are empty?

Yes I know this looks confusing as all hell... simple version. Charge lapo, use filter to pull charged lapo into tube to enderchest. code-matched enderchest on other end has filter attached to pull charged lapos out and send them to the MFSU via bottom slot. Discharged Lapo's can not be removed from same pipe that placed them via the bottom nor can a filter on any end of the MFSU remove them to send back for charging.

How do I get this working?

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You use Redpower retrievers and connect them to the same pipe that feeds into the MFSU and put a empty Lapotron in one and a full one in the other so they only pull those. You can also make the charging end a MkIII charging bench with overclockers to cycle through them faster and use a sorting machine at the other end to separate the lapotrons out to multiple MFSUs

You can also use a charging bench at the end to be charged as long as you feed it a redstone current, however it doesn't look like overclockers work at that end to drain the lapotrons faster

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