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(SOLVED) Trouble running server with one player


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I started my own tekkit server with my friend and I to play at that time. after an hour or so, we both got off. The server worked fine and didn't lag. I had to make a new world because my old one was pretty bad (a few hours after people were playing). I made a new world, reset the server with it, and the server stays at 40-60%cpu usage with no one on. then when I join my world, it goes to 100% and crashes. this happens in a minute of me moving around and rendering the world. I've heard of people running an 8 man server with only 600MB of ram. any clue why mine sucks?

system specs:

OS: microsoft windows 7 (64bit)

ram: 3.75g (installed 4g)

processor: AMD Phenom II x4 840t processor, 2900 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 logical processor(s)

im using an HP computer and running the server with hamachi.

Ive googled other threads for help, but they were no help. please let me know if i need to edit my post for something.

edit: i've ran a normal (non tekkit) minecraft server at one time with me+4 or 5 other people on at one time, and there was no lag with anyone.

edit: the only extra plugin im running is creeper heal

Thank you.

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