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    ME3 may have multiplayer functionality, but FireFall is always multiplayer. I treid the multiplayer for ME3 for awhile but was able to get the best possible ending with my galactic readiness at 50% so I never really saw the point.
  2. Hushful


    Well, Mass Effect covers the entire galaxy whereas FireFall is only on earth, there are no alien species, just ones that got jacked up and mutated by the melding, no reapers, Mass Effect is SP and FireFall is an MMORTTS, and there is no massive galactic conspiracy / cover up about a sentient synthetic race that comes in and wrecks shop every 50,000 years.
  3. You don't. Your information and cookies have been permanently stored in Kaker's repository. How else do you think he affords his yacht and lady pyramid?
  4. Hushful


    I sent them both. I am all out, so check back later.
  5. Hushful


    Yep, as soon as I get home tonight.
  6. Hushful


    It doesn't lag for me and I run around high to mid for graphics. Don't forget guys, there is a counter in the op that shows how many invites I have available if you want one.
  7. Technic, as were discussing why have both Tekkit and Technic instead of just one. Also, yes, there are no condensers in EE3 that I am aware of.
  8. You posted in the right section, didn't sign your post, and seem to be capable of using proper typing skills, I think you'll be just fine.
  9. I wonder why modders do that, like I'm not going to go download it and add it into the pack anyway. Where is the logic?
  10. Does it still do this if you remove MC Patcher or after a clean install?
  11. Hushful


    Well, MMO maybe be a bit grandiose for what it currently is since it's still in closed beta, but that is its intentions.
  12. Are you referring to the latest dev build or recommended, because they are in the recommended.
  13. OK, two things, one, the mod creator for Thaumcraft 3 has refused permission for his mod to be used in any other mod packs besides AMCO and FTB, and two, forestry will NEVER be in the technic pack again. 'd
  14. Personal preference of the Technic Team? We may never know. Either way, I'm sticking with Technic and Tekkit classic, so I'm not missing out.
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