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My Cake Farm.


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I made this with no tuts, but my knowledge of tekkit, and how automatic farming works.

World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?0zfx3kw6iwzp7c5

Pictures :D


Took about 2 hours to just build it and many other hours to plan and build my prototypes, I made really neat compact designs like the milk farmer, and all the pipes run nicely the building 'art' may be criticized but i was going for a clean and fluid design with pipes not artworks, any ideas to improve my design please say it (:.

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not that it really affects the farm, but TP pipes suck when it comes to transporting anything over any distance, maybe its due to chunk loading i forget,

but i would just go with a ender chest and a (advanced) wooden pipe, ender chests are much more reliable when it comes to that sort of shinannagans

everything else i would say would just be making your farm from buildcraft pipes to Redpower tubes and a such small things

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