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World Anchors Removal


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I know I can block it with tekkitrestrict noitem and disablecraft and various other blocking plugins but I would like to remove the block completely from the server including dimensional and teleport tethers and surely if I remove the world anchor block Ill be removing the cart as well?

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Few ways to do this. Using Tekkitcustomizer, you can have the server wipe out any Anchors, Tethers, carts placed and it won't allow new ones placed.

You can remove the dimensional anchor mod completely without affecting the server (Yes I know the item is called Tether, the mod is actually called Dimensional Anchor)

Under the railcraft config, you can change cube.world.anchor to false.

Or if you feel really adventurous, you can change all of the mentioned items to have an ID of 0, thus causing a conflict with AIR... but it wont cause any issues on the server, besides not being able to spawn the mentioned items.

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