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I would like a version of World Downloader for Tekkit servers. Someone previously forked World Downloader to work with MC 1.1 and Forge, but that version has not been updated since, while the original has seen considerable progress. The mod's current author has considered adapting it as well - I asked him recently on his thread.

There are a few possibilities for accomplishing this:

1. A member of this forum might have the necessary knowledge to port the mod to Tekkit.

2. I asked Cubic (cubic72), the mod's author, whether he could port the mod. He said if he had a list of the classes modified by Tekkit, then he might be able to complete a port. I advised that we might be better off making the mod Forge-compatible but he didn't respond.

3. I'm willing to help in doing this. Although I have no modding experience, I'm a proficient Java programmer.

Any help would be appreciated.

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