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[3.1.2]Tekkitplay![PvE][PvP][40 slots][Anti-Greif][No EE][No explosives]


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TekkitPlay is a friendly tekkit server where everyone can join and will be welcomed. We run the last tekkit server version with a lot of customized plugins, some of them developed by our admins exclusively to TekkitPlay.

We got a strong but easy to use antigrief and PVP protection plugin so all your stuff will be safe even inside tekkit blocks, such as diamond chests. We got economy, and you can make money by killing mobs or trading with players, also you can make a shop and sell your stuff with the chestshop plugin (you can use trade o mats if you prefer). We have banned only the stuff which would ruin the economy (ee collectors...) and explosives. Greifing is allowed but only in [Non]protected areas.

Website link: http://tekkitplay.co.cc

We got 3 rules:

1.- No Spamming or Advertising. 2.- No Hacking or Bug Abusing. 3.- No Scamming or Deathwarping.

We got a rank system, you'll join as Guest and you'll be able to earn the Member rank by posting at our forum "Presentations" section.

The server runs in Offline Mode Cracked so everyone will be able to access.

IP: tekkitplay.co.cc

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