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Evertide Amulet problems

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Hello everyone!

Me and a few buddies have been playing Tekkit SMP for a few days now and are having a blast! I wanted to build an underwater house, so I created an Evertide amulet. It seems that the amulet is not letting me breathe underwater infinitely or move freely in water. I did check the mod_EE file. Not sure what the problem is.

Running Tekkit 2.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Did you turn the amulet on (if it is one that requires activation)? Is it in your hotbar? Are you experiencing lag?

According to the EE wiki you do not need to charge the amulet to have infinite breath, but yes I did try it charged. Yes it is on my hot bar. No I'm not experiencing lag, I host the server from my computer.

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