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  1. The server is great again, MASSIVE OPEN AREA near the Winter City, come join me!
  2. The server is down for the restart and being set up for your macerating pleasure. Keep checking back here for future updates on the progress and happy Tekkiting!
  3. IGN: Karinth TIMEZONE: GMT -8 AGE: 25 EXPERIENCE: Minecraft since 2009 and tekkit for about 7 months total. REASON TO JOIN: Looking for a place to thrive.
  4. Ingame Name: Karinth Reason of joining: Looking for a stable community I can thrive in Experience: Minecraft since 2009 and about 7 months in tekkit Age: 25 Favorite mod: Red Power
  5. IGN: Karinth Age: 25 Tekkit experience: Just over 7 months Personal whitelist.mcf.li link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/b852bb4530dd910c92a36838a423afa54183de1a Have you read and do you agree with the rules: Yes I have and Yes I do. If applicable, why have you been banned:
  6. - In Game Name: Karinth - Age: 25 - What do you want to build on Copper Craft? Not sure, maybe a full on city for people to come and live in under a common theme. Maybe something along the lines of a roleplay city. I want to wall it in against mobs and have a joint effort from the citizens. - Tekkit experience? I have been playing tekkit for about 9 months and have been an admin on 3 tekkit servers at their start-up. I do not know much of the new mods put in but I would love to get to learn them. - Anything you wish to add? I am a fun guy who is able to get along with almost anyone as long as they are somewhat respectable.
  7. I have some ideas for the reset, I will be talking to Drake about them and see what he thinks.
  8. Name: James Username: Karinth Time Zone: Pacific Country: USA Age: 25 E-MAIL: [email protected] Why We Should Pick You: I have been playing Tekkit and Technic for about 7 months, although I took a bit of time off. When I played only vanilla I owned 7 servers since 2010 and have been an Admin or Mod on over double that. I am more with the In-game admin than server side but I do know both. That and I just love to play in general.
  9. Now it is happening after about 3 mins of being on a server.
  10. Title: Tekkit server dissconnect Version: 3.1.1 OS: Win7 64bit, 8gb ddr3 ram Java Version: 7U5 Description of Problem: After playing for 15 or so minutes I get disconnected from the server and get an error message. I am the only one out of 50 so people on the server that gets this error. We are actually running 3.1.2 Error Messages: internal exception: java.net.socketexception: software caused connection abort Error Log: [url]http://pastebin.com/qLtdC5gP[/url]
  11. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, 12 gb ram, GeForce 560m Java Version: 7u5 Antivirus Program: Avast Description of Problem: When I select both Tekkit or Technic I cannot select the mods I would like to use. The button is grayed out. It is on a fresh install after the 3.1.1 update of Tekkit. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
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