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[3.1.2]DarkHatred Tekkit[24/7][PvP][50 Slots][Open][Faction][Hardcore][EE Mostly Disabled][Griefing]


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Dark Hatred presents Central City,

A hardcore pvp survival RPG Tekkit server based in the future where order has come from out of chaos and people have began to venture outside the city limits. Outside the city limits anything goes from griefing raiding or just plain murder. Or if you want to help the people you may think about being an officer of Central City to help fight off the Criminals away from the city while being paid for your services. Central City is open to PvP with the exception of Spawn room but there are City Laws that if broken you risk being caught and put in jail till your sentence is up. This server was made to help give players a chance to not only play on a server but to be part of the server as well with server events inside and outside the city walls to players being able to rob the bank we wanted to give players a type of city life as well as being able to make and start their own towns or city. We also wanted to make a server that allowed griefing and raiding to give it a even more life experience I mean let’s face it if life where easy we would all be rich. So are you tired of playing on just a normal Tekkit server? Want to play on a more challenging server that lets you interact with friendly Staff and be who you want to be without a bunch of strict rules? Then stop buy and check out the server and be ready to have a great Experience.

SERVER IP: 25565 Website: Dark Hatred

Server Plugins











Factions Setup & Costs

You may not build/destroy/use in someone else's territory. Regardless of online state.

You may not build/destroy in an enemies territory. You can however use doors/levers/chests etc in an enemies territory. Regardless of online state.

You may build/destroy/use in an Ally's territory when they are online only. You may still use doors/levers/chests when they are offline! (Be carefull who you ally)

TNT is enabled in all territory regardless of online state!!

Faction claims must be connected unless claiming from an enemy faction!

Faction Costs

Create a faction: $1000

Claim land from wilderness: $1000

Clami land from another faction: $500

Set a new faction owner: $1000

Set the faction home (/f sethome): $500

Join a faction: $1000

Leave a faction: $500

Look at faction map $100

/f money (adds money to your Faction)

(For more info on Factions type /f help)

Banned Items:

The majority of EE is removed for balance purposes.

RM and DM tools will be availible from the shop.

RM, DM and Quantum armor are availible from the shop with the exception of the chestplates in the interests in balance.

Minning Lasers Disabled

Dynamite of all forms Disabled

Crystal chests disabled(Lag issues)

Nukes disabled

Personal Safes disabled

Automatic Crafting Tables II

World Anchor (Lag issues)

TFBP- Flatification (Can flatten bases)

TFBP- Desertification(Can turn bases to desert)

Anchor Cart (Lag issues)

Wireless Tracker (Console spam when tracking players)

Tunnel Bore (Kind of useless, Lag issues)

Triangulator (Console spam when tracking players)

The Neither and TheEnd have been disabled for the time be

Server Rules:

No hacking or x-raying.

No Glitch/Bug abusing.

Do not build ugly towers near spawn.

Do not ask for Admin/Mod/Creative.

No Advertising.

No Excessive Swearing.

No Racism.

No Combat Logging!

If you are found engaging in combat and then logging out to avoid dying you will be punished!

Running out of protected areas to engage in combat then running back in (Baiting) is considered combat avoiding and as such will be punished the same.

If out in the wilderness and a player is able to get enough distance away from you to teleport, this is fine.

Try to report combat logging discretly to staff so we can observe, otherwise the burden of proof is on the accuser.

Scamming other players is legal.

Do not ask staff for free stuff.

Keep public chat English.

Do not play here if you cannot handle dying/losing items/pvp.

No excessive bitching/moaning/complaing, especially relating to the above rule!

No spamming.

We have plugins that mainly deal with this. If you find yourself auto banned for spamming you may appeal on forums.

Griefing/Stealing/Raiding are all legal and encouraged!

Do not throw Harming/Poison potions in protected areas.

Do not faction claim anything server owned!

Do not XP grind with alts.

Server Lore:


Welcome to Central City,

The year is 2112, one hundred years after the great war of WWIII when all Nations went to war over profit and power. After the dust settled and the air began to become less toxic and grass and tress began to grow again, people where able to come out from their bunkers and begin to rebuild what was once called home. Central City is the first and only city that people know of since the great war and stepping out of the city is not a good idea for some since it is known to be home of raiders and thieves but some have survived to tell tales of other cities that have began to rebuild as well. In side Central City there is a city rebuilt by Order and Justice and where laws have brought people out of chaos while inside the city limits the laws must and will be obeyed. Central City is owned and operated by the Corporation only known as DH, who helps and maintains leadership of the people to make a better society for all. The city laws are upheld by the CCPD, which is the only law since the Great War and is judge jury and if needs be executioner and is led by the Commander. The Criminal element is still out there beyond the walls and will stop at nothing in trying to take and rob good people of the city, Central City is the only place that feels safe anymore. Power is flowing once again in the city and has brought it to life with enough power to sustain for years due to endless flow of recourses Central City hopes one day to share its power with others cities if they are out there will that city be yours?


City Laws are only upheld within city limits anything outside the city is lawless*Officers are the only players allowed to have weapons inside city limits unless they own a permit for that weapon. Criminals that lurk outside the city can still be pursued outside the city by Bounty Hunters which are hired by the City and also private parties and usually are cops trying to make extra money. Any person that breaks the law will be subject to Central City Prison where they will do 30 mins in jail.

1. No Weapons/ unless you carry a permit.

2. No Assaulting

3. No Killing

4. No Robbing

5. No Disturbing the peace

6. No Begging



Central City Police Department are players that have join in helping bring order out of chaos and up holding justice within Central City. CCPD is led by a Commander and is in charge of operating the entire police force and is also in charge of maintaing the ranks which include:






Players that wish to join the CCPD may do so by filling out an application on the website Forums and must have been on the server for at least two weeks. Players that join the CCPD will be able to uphold the law within city limits and will have access to the CCPD HQ which will be able to store their own set items also will be paid for their services each day. Players also have a chance in moving up in the ranks if they remain loyal and show their dedication to the force. The CCPD is Also in charge of setting Bounties on other players for their crimes.

CCPD Ranks


This Rank is in charge of the CCPD operations and is the only Rank that is Permanent and can only be obtained if the person gives up the Rank and is for Staff members only. The Commander is in charge of making sure the CCPD is doing their job and also maintain the forums.


A Captain is the Second in Command and is in charge of the CCPD when the Commander is not around. A captain is able to promote or Demote CCPD Ranks below their own Rank and is able to kick players from the CCPD. Captains are Titles by Other players or Staff members, In order to obtain the rank Captain you must have held the Rank Sergeant for a month and pass an Interview with the Commander. Players that receive this Rank will be paid in game Coin of $5000 per day and their own LWC locked Office with a single locked chest.


A Sergeant is Players that have shown Dedication to the CCPD and Server. These Players are in charge of patrolling the streets of Central City and supervising other Officers. Sergeants are also part of helping evaluating a recruit making sure if they have what it takes to be part of the CCPD. Players with this Rank will be paid $1000 per day. To obtain this rank you must have had the Rank Officer for 2 weeks and must be interviewed by the Commander or Captain.


Officer is the starting Rank in the CCPD and are in charge of upholding City Law. Officers are also able to issue Bounties on players that commit crimes against Central City. All Officers must submit each Bounty on the Bounty Forums in order for them to be served. In order to become a Officer you must first past the Recruit Rank. Officer will be paid $500 per day.


Probation period in which the Recruit is carefully watched and evaluating in using the jail commands and dealing with other players while upholding city laws. In order to get this Rank you must fill out a application on the Tekkit application forum. Players with this rank will not be paid.

*All CCPD Members that are not part of Staff are Forbidden to jail people that break any Server rule, CCPD Members are to only make other players obey City Laws. If a CCPD Member sees any Server rule being broken they are to contact a Server MoD or Admin if none are online then they are to report the issue on the forums. *


Player Ranks

Player Ranks is set up with the AutoRank plugin and lets players choose when to rank up. Each Rank is set up with its own set of permissions and is valuable in its own way. In order to move to the next rank simply type /rankup, but please keep in mind you will need money for each time you rank up. Please read each rank carefully.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is people that get paid to serve out bounties set by the city and is only obtained with a license. Bounty Hunters are the only players that are able to jail people beyond the city limits. Bounties are collected by sending the player with the bounty to jail. Once they jail the person that has the bounty on their head they must fill out a Forum post and contact the CCDP in order to collect said bounty. Bounty’s can be set by posting on the Forums. Bounty Hunters are not Officers and are only allowed to jail people who have a Bounty on their head any Bounty Hunter that abuses their power will have their bounty license revoked. Bounty Hunters are paid per Bounty.


Everyone that starts out in Central City is a Civilian and is the starting rank of the city; Civilians start out with absolutely nothing so it’s up to them to either find a job or some other ways to make money, or try to strike it out on their own in the unknown world beyond the walls.


Citizens are players that pay taxes and have the privilege of starting their own Company/Faction. People can obtain the Rank of Citizen by paying $2000 or by Donations. Citizens also have the right to obtain certain license such as Bounty Hunters and or Weapons Permit.


Mechanics are people that are allowed to work with certain machines such as Fabricators and generators and are only obtainable with a Machine Operators license Or Donation. Machine Operators Licence costs $5000. This rank will earn a player $500 per day.


Engineers are people that have obtain the right and privilege to use Nuclear power and are the most trusted rank on the server. These people will be able to use and build nuclear reactors and are paid $1000 a day. People are able to obtain by Donations or with a Hazard material license which costs $8000.


VIP Rank is for people that have donated to the Server or has helped out the community. VIP Rank is only obtained with Donations or by Recommendations from the Staff and is the only Rank that comes with all Privileges and all Licenses.

*Any Abuse of a Privilege rank will be removed from the player and will be given a warning. Admins hold the right to take away any privilege if there is proof of abuse. Donation paid privileges will not be refunded.*

Weapon Licenses

Weapons License allows players to buy weapons at the market and also the right to carry them in town so long as they are visible. Weapons license include from knifes to guns. To obtain a Weapons license you must own the rank Citizen.

Bounty Hunter License is a license that allows you to jail people that have a bounty on their head. All Bounty Hunter get paid per bounty. To get these licenses you must have the rank Citizen and pay $500. Or Donation. This License grants the title Bounty Hunter

Machine Operator License is for players to be able to make and use Machines such as Fabricator and Generators. To obtain this license you must have had the Rank Citizen and pay $5000 or Donation. This License grants the title Mechanic /rankup to buy.

Hazard Material License is for players to be trusted to use all advance Machines and also the power to use and make nuclear reactors. To obtain this license you must first have a Machine Operators License and pay $8000 or Donation. This License grants the title Engineer /rankup to buy.

*Server Staff hold the right to revoke any Licenses with the proof of misuse of any Machine or Abusing power privileges in order to Troll or Cause lag on the server. Once revoked you will be black listed and may not be able to obtain the rank that was taken from you again.*

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There are a number of ways to make money. One is to sell Items in our City Shop, another is buy ranking up. Citizen,Mechanic and Engineer all pay out each day. There is also voting that will reward you money for each vote and then of course there is always donations for ingame money.

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I know, but my friend is a mechanic, so he should be able to place them

File a bug report on the forum and ill sort it asap if needed.


I want to put a quick update in regard ranks and payscales before Psyc can update the main post. We've had an issue with the pay plugin we were using so i've changed it out for another one.

From now on the following will be payed in reference to how long a player is logged into the server in a single session.

Citizen: $100 per 30mins logged in to server.

Mechanic: $500 per 30mins logged in server.

Engineer: $1000 per 30mins logged in server.

VIP: $1000 per 30mins loggin in server.

This is subject to change for balance reasons if needed. Also this does not include AFK time logged into the server!

As per the ranking system to normal players. Every player starts at Civilian rank which grants no pay and no access to Mechanic or Engineer items. Use the /rankup command to progress to Mechanic and then Engineer as your bank balance allows.

Thanks, any questions poke me here or the server forums.

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Actually there is glowstone for sale at the CityShop. Yes the Nether is disabled for now. We will enable it in the future but for now it will stay disabled.

We will also be adding a potion shop soon. Keep in mind this is a Hardcore server meaning this is not a easy server. This server is for people that like to have a real challenge at Tekkit.

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