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Let's Build a Tekkit Starliner!


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This is a Tekkit let's build series, with the goal of creating a fully-featured cruise liner - in space!

Welcome to the StarLiner project!

Weighing in (so far!) at over 75,000 blocks, and at 256 blocks from end to end, the StarLiner (final name TBA) currently features:

  • Endless space world, complete with planetoids and meteoroids
  • Fully 3D-sculpted, sleek space cruiser hull
  • 48 3rd class cabins with powered lighting
  • 12 2nd class cabins with powered lighting
  • Engine bay (with prototype thermopiles, nuclear reactor, and backup generators prototyped and ready to install)
  • Hangar cay for shuttle craft

With the following planned:

  • Fully computerised systems (check-in, banking, shops, entertainment, etc.)
  • Hard-wired ship-wide network
  • Working shuttles
  • On-board power generation (EU, Blulectric)
  • Onboard mining operation (mini-game to earn credits)
  • 1st class cabins
  • Emergency escape lifeboats
  • Tiered security access - Guests, Passengers, VIPs, Crew etc.
  • Open server access!









I'm currently building this in my spare time which is pretty scarce at the moment, and so progress may be slow - but I am determined to see this project through to completion :)

Want to see the project as it develops? Take a look at my Let's Build series over on YouTube - Let's Build a Tekkit Starliner!

Comments and feedback gratefully accepted!

Thanks for looking :)

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