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[3.1.2] Brierie [PvP][60 slots][Open][24/7][Towny][Essentials][No EE][Economy][Signshops]


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[1] Be respectful

[2] Be ethical

[3] Use common sense

[4] Watermills have been banned due to lag other power sources like windmills have been boosted though

[5] EE is banned that means magical items

[6] Computercraft is banned due to people hacking the server with them

[7] Forcefields are banned

[8] No advertising on the server

[9] No spamming on the server

[10] Block breakers are banned


Essentials Coreprotect WorldEdit Signshop Towny BOSEconomy DisguiseCraft AlphaChest


Brierie Server is a great server because of its community, people are very friendly and

mostly everyone lives in towns. The server is not whitelisted or greylisted as we want

you guys to get right into the fun stuff straight away. Were all about having a smooth

experience with no lag and very little downtime. We have set the server to be pretty

unforgiving as we have set the server to Hard mode just to keep you guys on your toes!


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It's very rare that you find a server with quality like this one. One highlight, for me, is that the staff is filled with helpful and mostly mature people. That alone should give you a reason to give the server a try. The owner is a very nice guy, and it really helps that he's old enough to handle situations that a owner is put under. No offense to people under 16, but most of you kinda suck at being mature.

Give it a try, you'll fall in love with the server the moment you join.

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This servers amazing! I've been playing on it since the start and I've been watching the community get bigger and bigger! Everyone helps each other out! Admins try there best to sort out the problems in the game while the owner does his best keeping the server online and constantly implementing new plugins etc...

I would recommend this server to everyone who believe EE's too over powered and they just want to play hardcore tekkit!

There's at least always one admin online there to help out! So most issues will be resolved the instant it gets mentioned.

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Brierie is the first public server I play online at, and after 2 months I see no reason at all to try another. I tried a few others for some short sessions before joining this one, but some had players who didn't want to answer my (newbie) questions, others' maps were densely populated and mined thorough kilometres out from spawn. Brierie was nothing like that, and I felt welcome from the start, trying to find myself a place in the world!

Brierie has got several admins of which at least one is as good as always present, ready to welcome new players and help them out, as well as being friendly with all players at all times. The server owner is also present for one or more sessions every day, checking in on how stuff is going, ready to solve any problems and listen to suggestions. Along with a new, great server community website, all this ensures that all players, new as well as old, have opportunities to discuss, suggest and hear about what is going on and what is going to happen.

The server has got many good, tried-out plugins (Towny, Boseconomy, etc.) adding to the experience. And also has a few unbalanced, grief friendly or bug-prone mods and items disabled (like EE, ComputerCraft, Block breakers). But as far as I see it, this just make the server more stable, more balanced and gives less navigation space for exploiters and griefers. Having to fight a liiittle bit harder for resources and equipment along with a clearer focus on the more technical mods, makes the server more enjoyable for my part.

For players who enjoy their stay, there is the possibility to donate a few dollars and get VIP rank, with a few enhancements over normal players, like /tpa command, disguises and portable chest and workbench.

Lastly but not least, as the map is quite new at the moment of writing this (~2 weeks), there are a lot of possibilities for a new player to find a nice spot, make a few new friends, become part of the community and just enjoy a solid Tekkit server!

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wow. just wow. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this server is. Awesome, friendly, and helpful admins (that don't cheat! omg!), great ppl, fun towny system, and many more features make this server great. However, you may get addicted and never do homework again...

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