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My machines stopped working :(

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Hello, I'm writing to you because all of sudden, all my machines have stopped working and the quarry's that I have are running terribly slow.

I know for a fact that this is not due power shortage since I was running all of my machines along with 2 quarry's on with a single MV soalr array with no problem, I then have added another MV solar array and 1 more quarry.

2 Hours later I log into my world and machines are not working this include (induction furnace, rotary macerator, centrifugate extractor and singularity compressor). My MFSU fills up normally and, the MFSU is then connected to a 3dotted MV transfomer and that one is connected to 3 dotted LV transformer which provides power for my machines.

Can anyone help me with this :P?

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