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[3.1.2] BangCraft - Friendly Tekkit [PvE][16 Slots][Towny][LWC][24/7][TeamSpeak3][Website]


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BangCraft - Friendly Tekkit

Join the fun! We just launched brand new Tekkit world!


We're a friendly bunch. We play nice.We each have our own favourite mods and almost everyone on there likes to experiment with different mods that they haven't used before, and most people are happy to help others learn. You must know how to find item recipes in NEI or on a wiki though.

I'm a mature admin, too mature to take bullshit from kids as I'm sure a lot of the current regulars can attest to. The server IP is and we are up 24/7 (excluding emergency maintenance).

First though, there a few simple rules, the same ones you've probably seen elsewhere. And by joining the server you agree to play by the rules. The rules are open to change at any time and not knowing the rules is not an acceptable excuse for breaking them. Punishment for breaking a rule is most is dealt swiftly.


No Griefing

No Stealing

No Cheating - Xray, etc.

No Swearing or Offensive Language


No Spamming the Chat

No Killing other players. PvP is disabled, don't try to use other methods to harm players.

No Asking for Items

No Asking for Ranks

You must build at least 100 blocks away from other players.

Bnagers always has the final word.

Item Restrictions

EMC Is Off - No Energy Collectors, Condensors or Transmutation Tables.

No lag machines. A lag machine is anything that causes lag in any way, if you leave something unattended and it spills out items then it will be destroyed, with no reimbursement.

Banned Items

Possessing any of these items is grounds for an immediate ban.

World Anchors/Teleport Tethers/etc

Nukes/TNT/Nova Catalyst/etc

Destruction Catalyst/Cataclytic Lens/etc

DM/RM Furnace

Watch of Flowing Time


You'll join the server as a Trainee. You still have most commands available: /home, /back, etc.

After a while you may be promoted to Intern for just being around, being active in chat and playing by the rules. The main thing you gain then is /tpa

Once you are an Intern you may apply on the website for a custom title. You don't get anything else with it, it's just a word in front of your name.


We have a website and a teamspeak server. Would be great if you joined both but they are of course optional.

Website: bnagers.enjin.com



Head Honcho/Admin/Owner/Guy Who Pays All The Bills - Bnagers

Moderators - Cenaria, Chattertooth97, Vonroyalty


Want to Join?

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