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  1. But a crapload of other things are broken in 3.1.3
  2. If there isn't a fix, they could use deployers and buckets in a chest cart. Not ideal I know...
  3. If you wanna come on my server and grief, at least own up when you're caught. Actions are logged. Plus there's a good chance I saw you grief with my own eyes whilst I was invisible. If you're jailed, just own up.
  4. Ok, I've just added a big shop at the market where you can trade in your useless tungsten for building materials
  5. Yeah, easy choice really. Single player= Technic. Multi = Tekkit.
  6. I can't wait till EE3 is out and everyone starts flipping out over that.
  7. I ran a server for quite a while with full EE... things got a bit boring, no interesting builds happening. Rolled a new world at 3.1.3 (since downgraded back to 3.1.2) with EMC disabled - that is no Condensors, no Collectors and no Transmutation. So the PStone is still enabled, and so is just about everything else you can make in EE. It's a really fun balance. The first guy who made a legit flying ring really was the envy of everyone else. At the change there were some people who said "well I'm leaving forever" so I simply bid them farewell. There were some of the community members that weren't really happy about it but they have since really started to enjoy the new feeling of accomplishment, even some of the previously EE-centric players are quite happy with the change now. And if people join now and complain that there is no EE, I simply tell them to find a different server to play on, or to stop complaining about it and play the game. And yeah, more complaining after that is often a ban.
  8. Komm, what is stopping you downgrading your server? I did it with mine with only one small issue (a railcraft config that needed changing) that didn't take long to fix. 3.1.3 is a dog so far and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone unless they've already read and understood that 3.1.3 bug fixes thread in its entirety.
  9. 3.1.3 to me looks like a knee-jerk reaction to FTB being released. Foolish of the Tekkit team to push this release out. I know one person who updated, had his server crash immediately (probably a rotary macerator running somewhere) and had to make a new world back on 3.1.2 to get his server running again. Now he's a big dummy - I had the same problem but removed the advanced machines with MCEdit - but obviously not all server owners are tech savy enough for fixing errors when their server won't start. I know they say it's a development build but it's the file that's linked to when you go to the Tekkit tab on the main site.
  10. So even in BC3, is there anything to stop unauthorized people messing with the diamond pipes? Someone logged on today to find all their items being 'sorted' into a lava pool.
  11. Hello! Is there any way to make diamond pipes secure? Even with LWC and Towny, outsiders can still walk along and steal from the sorting system, or worse, mix items up. I tried adding the item id to the LWC config but that didn't work. People can also access teleport pipes and change frequencies, as well as changing ratios on distribution pipes. I know that I could tell everyone to lock their pipes away in bunkers... but that's not an ideal solution. Ideas?
  12. 3.1.3 has soooo many bugs. Using a Rotary Macerator for example crashes the server. Not sure who tested that update...There will be no update for now. We were actually on 3.1.3 and downgraded.
  13. Also, make it faster and use more fuel not less.
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