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Computer Craft and server


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Hello guys i have a question about computer craft i was watching the yogscast and i saw one of them named zoey had computer monitors with target's and shows where they were last since i made a new server and need new people it would be nice to have is there a special program or is it just text if any information be reply or reply a link to help me out

second thing i got a new server up and looking for member send me a private mail and we shall see everyone is welcome and that will be all more interested on the computer craft question tho thanks for your time :D

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I believe they might have it hooked up to computercraft sensors for the weather reading but I haven't read much into how to use that yet.

It looks like they just manually edit the text on screen. Here is an example program to do the same:

--This is a comment, it will not be interpretted as code

--All you need to do to display your own custom text is edit

--this code. Leave the functions startMonitor() and print()

--as well as these local variables below


local line_number = 0

local monitor, width, height


function startMonitor()

  sides = rs.getSides()

  for k, v in pairs(sides) do

    if peripheral.isPresent(v) and peripheral.getType(v) == "monitor" then

      monitor = peripheral.wrap(v)



      width, height = monitor.getSize()





function print(text)

  if line_number < height then

    line_number = line_number + 1




  monitor.setCursorPos(1, line_number)




startMonitor() --Use this to find a monitor to connect to

print("Good Morning and WELCOME to") --to print a line of text





print("and Yoga")

print("- The B.A.R.R.Y. Initiative -")


print("You are here of your own free will.")

print("The weather outside is: ERROR - Weather not")


print("You are here of your own free will.")


print("Today's Hot Research: Portable Cars")


print("Powered by Mushnet 2012")

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