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Look, I know ur've all seen tones of these (maybe 'cos there's a whole sections on these!) but I'd really appreciate it if u checked out my channel! I do Tekkit, Minecraft and lots of other games. I'm doing some server vids at the moment, and I'm hoping to expand to more.

Plus, for the first 30 people that sub to me, I'll sub back!

And remember, if u like my vids, send me a personal massage on Youtube and mabey we could do a server together or whatever!

Thx a lot



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Tripple posting, o dear someone whats attention!

Also are you the cheese bloke returning to abuse the forum again?! :(

(There's an edit button, use it!)

P.S. Your picture is stupid and annoying and immature.

1) I'm sorry that I triple posted, maybe there should make the edit button bigger! :D

2) No. I'm not the 'cheese bloke', and I find it annoying that u think I did this on purpose.

3) Shame there isn't a delete button

4) That's ur opinion, I'm not bothered

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