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Mod compatability and question about redpower pump!


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Ok, I was wondering if this mod here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/270332-132forge-traincraft-formerly-trains-and-zeppelin-mod-318/page__st__3960 is compatible with tekkit SINGLEPLAYER, as I do not play technic as there is too many differences in mods I play tekkit singleplayer, would that mod there be compatible with tekkit?

Another thing is the redpower pump, on the wiki it says this: The Pump can move any liquid (Water, Lava, Oil, or Fuel) through its thick input side to the thin output side, above the lights on the thick side there is a arrow indicating the way the liquid will flow, and as long as there is another Grate, connected with some Fluid Pipe, the liquid will flow out of it.

Something I don't understand is that it says it can move FUEL, but there isn't a fuel sourceblock? How do I get it to move fuel? Is it even possible? Thanks

Oh yeah, are nether ores supposed to double into regular ores in redmatter furnaces? Is it just because the two mods aren't compatible, or did they purposefully design it this way?

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