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Updating Thermal Expansion for the TechnicPack Dev Build


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I am trying to install a newer version of thermal expansion (2.0+) to the technicklauncher dev built. But i have a couple of questions.

1. When i am in minecraft it says its version 1.25 and in the launcher it says 1.42, which one is it?

2. I assume i need Forge version and thermal expansion 2.0.6 for mc version 1.4.2 is this correct?

Thats all for now, it would be really nice if someone could help me out.

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The Launcher runs on Minecraft 1.2.5 (this is the most stable version). There is a dev build out for 1.4.2 but from what I have seen it is not downloading/launching correctly. You need whatever forge version works with the Minecraft version you are running.

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Thermal Expansion 2.0+ is for MC 1.4+, last I checked. That means you would need to install the dev. build of Technic for MC 1.4.2, which as Jorcer said is a bit buggy at the moment. That's why it's a dev. build. Rest assured that Thermal Expansion is a cool enough mod that the new versions of Technic are almost guaranteed to include it - it's just a matter of having some patience, and playing it stand-alone or figuring out how to integrate it yourself if you can't find an answer.

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