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low health indicator (tunnel vision/glowing items) idea


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I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a while. I am a big fan of little touches to make Minecraft in general look better. Like the food icons that bounce up and down or the health regen animation (video).

Anyway getting to the point: I would like to see a mod. that when ever you're health is low (2 hearts or less) the screen slowly transitions to Black/White Mode (Monochrome Vision) and tunnel vision will set in (when the corners of the screen are black). Food will on screen will have a white glow around it to help the player notice it. A lot of this idea is inspired from by how L4D does it.

When a Survivor has been incapacitated twice without being healed' date=' the affected player's vision will turn black and white/grayscale with a notable audio heartbeat; item glows will be red and more intense; and depending on the player's graphical settings, the edges of their screen will become blurred, as if they were developing tunnel vision (Ellis may say that he's hurt so bad he can't see right) This is likely caused by hypovolemia, the rapid loss of blood. Other alternatives might be extreme anger (due to large amounts of oxygen and adrenaline in the body) and extreme fear and distress. This signals a dire health situation requiring urgent healing. Unless this player is healed with a First-aid kit, they will instantly die once their health reaches zero a third time.[/quote']
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