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Help with Tekkit Server Set-up

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I have set my server up and that stuff, but when I edit my server.properties, it has no effect on the game. I have saved it and when I change the seed it is the same seed. There are still monsters when I change monsters=false. I have closed my launcher and reopened and it still hasn't worked.

I always have the same seed every time and I just want to get rid of mobs,op myself, and allow whitelist. I have also changed the server port numerous times. Any help is appreciated.

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make sure the server is stopped first before modifying any of server.properties. Then you can change settings. To change a world seed you must first delete the folders 'world','world_nether'and'world_the_end'. Caution this is deleting the world and all saved data will be erased! Then you can modify the seed. Finally start the server and all should i hope work.

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