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  1. Wow, I remember this project. Year and a half later! I ended up scrapping my project. Oh well, at least the fun of it lasted a ways. And I don't know anything about computers either. *wink*
  2. You're right, I doubly misunderstood what you meant by that. You meant it had an unlimited capacity for how much energy it holds(/generates), not that it could discharge an unlimited amount of power. You rest your case. That little misunderstanding caused you to further explain a lot of the intricacies of electricity. Sorry about that one. Otherwise.. torches either in series or parallel don't increase the distance the power travels. I guess it ain't E-lek-trisity.
  3. So that's a lot of errors. It looks like Forge didn't install correctly(quite an analysis huh!). Have you tried backing up your worlds, deleting the server files, and re-downloading the whole thing yet? Is there an exception for the program in your firewall?
  4. Like, logging on to Tekkit and just typing what you want me to do If Skype is an absolute necessity I'm sure there are plenty of other programmers here willing to help(had I not clogged up your thread with me lol)
  5. I have it, actually. That doesn't mean I have to like using it. What's wrong with text communication?
  6. Ooh, I bet I know what popular internet sensation that was based off of.
  7. Yes, I'm overjoyed! In all reality though--it has a little more vibrancy now.
  8. *gasp* Am I first? I lurv computers! I love OOP, programming and Computercraft! I will program, for you, and for free. How much better can it get? Oh. But I don't like Skype[sorry!]. Really though, I'd be willing to help with any needs.
  9. Just so you know, you only need JRE unless you plan on doing some Java development. Does this thread point to a solution? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/server-will-not-start.34991/
  10. Ya I took pride in my abilities to pass the school's security attempts too. They would block .exe programs, but I figured out if you put them in the "to burn" drive, you can run games just fine :o
  11. I found the map enjoyable. I'm not gonna lie and say it was the best adventure map I've ever played, but especially for a first map it was pretty good. +You intermittently used different blocks(cracked stonebrick). +It actually did look like a prison. Do you know how many people make prison maps that don't look like prisons? -The map started off in creative mode and it didn't allow a command line to make it survival. I had to go in and convert it manually. -To get my first lever, I had to break the bed which violates rule #1 you made.
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