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  1. Well, for one. This is not still ongoing, sadly. Basically, I started working on having multiple sequences of ROM, so that it could utilize logic and loops, but I kinda lost the will halfway through. After a while, I updated to new versions of minecraft, and red-power didn't... I (probably) still have the world, but I don't even remember the modpack I made it with, and I don't have much desire to continue with it. As for the arithmetic, it was basically a ton of searching on Google images for logic schematics. Some parts (like the multiplier and the subtraction system) I had to just come
  2. Mine was working just a few minutes ago, but now I can't load any of them... idk what the deal is... EDIT: well... about 10 seconds after posting this, it decides to work. Maybe the servers were just overloaded. hmph
  3. I've noticed a pattern... Vanilla has been aquireing several new features that don't seem to be entirely their own ideas. Let's see... Arrows sticking out of people~Pincushion mod 3D items ~ 3D items mod Fireworks ~ Fireworks mod Horses/Donkeys/Horse Armor/etc ~ Mo'Creatures Hoppers ~ Better Than Wolves TNT carts ~ Railcraft Really, the only original thing they have made in a while has been their comparators and the redstone blocks. At this rate, mods are going to go extinct! O_O
  4. This WAS happening to all my packs, but it magically solved itself for all but the plus pack, which still has issues... I have no experience, but I don't think its the plus-pack's fault, because it was previously happening with all packs...
  5. lol "byte" is just for conveinence. The Number of bits is determined by just how large any practical uses are. I don't need a 8-bit program counter becasue I i'll never have 255 commands strung together. As for square roots, I have a bit of code for that. I learned it from using an abacus (You know, those ancient things with the beads that slide on the rods, yeah, I kno how to use those to calculate square roots). The code only works for perfect squares like 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, etc. But is fairly efficient for the computer's use. It does involve division, Which is what i'm working to build as
  6. Yes, I have. I didn't use it because it is a bit of a pain to perform math with, unless you constantly convert back and forth, which is even more of a pain. I was originally thinking of a display much like that, but I later decided that the systems and memory needed to work with that are overly complex. Keep in mind, the computer (at this stage) only has half of an ALU (Arithmatic Logic Unit), ie. it has no logic capibilities. Well, It has no Operating system, and the clock is stopped most of the time. So the program memory is actually the memory that stores a single program
  7. Aww, If that was in voltz it could have missiles, which would be really impressive.
  8. Many people take computers for granted, as they use them to maintain their very lives. Few people realize how complex computers really are: This is the Industrial Arithmatic Computing Unit! It was made by me, without the use of WorldEdit, buildcraft, etc. It is by definition a computer. It is entirely made from RedPower Wires, bundled cables, and RP logic gates. I also didn't use any Wireless Redstone. It Contains 17,506 Meters of Wiring, and 1,258 Logic Gates... As in any computer, it is made of several Units, all interconnected by a tangled spiderweb of wireing. The Different Units ar
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