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Chunk Lag-Need a fix.


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Hello there,

I just protect a few chunks for players to build their houses on. When one player started building his house he noticed horrible lag in his general area. Figured it is about 6 chunks total that are lagging players that pass-through them. There are no machines running and no world anchors on my server.

Anyone have any advice on a possibly solution?



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Check that there isn't any excessive use of BC piping, flowing liquids or backlogs in RP2 pipes. One of those is usually the culprit if the lag is based in an area.

Also, you should probably know that signing names on this forum is against the rules.

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Really? Wonder why... Anywho thanks for the heads-up.

I checked the entire area, set from level ground to bedrock to stone to get rid of any possible pipes or mobs or large amounts of entities. But, its a world guarded region with flags that dis-allow the ability for mobs to spawn and people build outside of their given region. Still a mystery.

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