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AITech | 200 Mods | Adventurous | Technological | Hazardous | Insane | Long Story Short, Crazy Craft times 100


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AITech is an amazing adventurous modpack with tons of mods that you can learn and experience everyday. It's not only adventure, But its also technological and hazardous as well.

Imagine Crazy Craft, times a 100. It would be AITech. We got Orespawn, Aether II, AE2, Chisel, Pneumatic Craft, Galacticraft, Archimede's Ships, Big Reactors, Draconic Evolution and much more. AITech has imported the finest quality of technological mods available in Minecraft, thus providing the players the best experience while playing and enjoying the huge variety of mods available. Starting from the simplest minimaps to the juiciest of mods including AE2, PneumaticCraft, Galacticraft. Over 200 mods of technology and adventure to enjoy and tinker around with. We also are synced with Solder so that you can download the pack over 2 times if you want or even a hundred or 1 time, Either way, It will be super fast thanks to our Datacenters. And we release updates daily. We were at 3.2.6 At the beginning of May and now we are at 4.1

Available at: http://technicpack.net/modpack/aitech.832818


4 GB RAM or Higher

Java 7 or Higher

Have Fun!


You could join our awesome discord here.


Here I will post what future updates we will have. If you have a mod that you would like to add to the pack, I will put my contact info down below so you can find me.

For now, This section is empty


Here are my info if you want to contact me:

Skype: jacob0756

Discord: _Pythonix_ ~[Happy]~ Jacob#2611

Email: [email protected]


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