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Hello, I'm Guitaroo and I have been administrating a tekkit server for a few weeks with freinds. I've spent the last night working on updating my anti-cheat and anti-grief measures so that I could start allowing more people that I don't know personally on the server. With that in mind I'm making this post to invite new players to try out my server.

About my server:

We run a modified tekkit, along with MCMMO, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, PEX, CoreProtect, Essentials, tekkit restrict, and Noitem.

I do not allow grief of any kind on my server.

We just underwent a huge overhauling process and have started out with an entirely new map. We are currently in talks and planning on a spawn town that I encourage people to become involved in.

We have a pristine virgin tekkit world, not even a single block has been placed as of this message.

Typically we have from 5-10 players at various times throughout the day.

Server ip:

We are not whitelisted as of yet, but if demand increases or griefing occurs I would entertain the thought. the server is online 24/7.

Any questions or comments can be left here, or on our forums at http://bmrf.me/vbforums/forumdisplay.php?17-Minecraft-General.

Thank you.

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