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Sorting System Jammed


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I started playing tekkit 2 or 3 months ago and I still don't know lots of things.Last week I tried to build a sorting system on my server (I play it with my friends).I tried to use a sorting machine chain but after building 4th one (I didn't tested it after the second).Now it is jammed the filter sucks the item out of the chest but glows red and the except the last sorting machine all three glow red aswell.I connected a chest directly after the filter and it transferred them.I checked the colours but I wasn't able to figure the problem out.

The whole system


First Sorter


Second Sorter


Third Sorter


Fourth Sorter


The room where all the things stored


I can upload the GUI of the sorters if these won't help.

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Actually,the chest without a sign near it I used that chest for the unsorted items.And another thing I figured it now the first sorter can sort but if the item is in its unsorted category (which I directed it to label them white) it just doesn't sort it.

First Sorter's GUI


Second Sorter's GUI


Third Sorter's GUI


Fourth Sorter's GUI


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