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[3.1.2] Tekkit+ [PvE/PVP][15 slots][Factions, ChestShops, LogBlock][TekkitRestrict]


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15 Slots! - 24/7 - Factions - ChestShop - Logblock - And Much More!


Tekkit+ is not your ordinary server! Are you tired of lag? Are you tired of servers that don't exist longer then a week thus your creation is now lost forever? We are too! That's why we started our own server! Tekkit+ is ran by two experienced Minecraft server owners/players. So to be honest with you this server isn't going to dissapear tomorrow!

Tekkit+ may be brand new but already there is a small group of enthusiastic players that will help you when you first log in. Wether you're an experienced player or you just downloaded Tekkit and you just want to get the feel of Tekkit, Tekkit+ is the server for you!


We run a huge variety of plugins!

This is a short list of the most known plugins we run!

  • Factions
  • iConomy
  • ChestShop
  • LogBlock
  • LWC (For Chest Protection)
  • WorldBorder
  • MobBounty
  • AutoSaveWorld (Automatically saves/backups the world every 30 minutes)


  • Equivalent Exchange This is disabled mainly because we find it very overpowered.
  • Wireless Redstone tear servers apart
  • Nukes, Mining lasers, World Anchors.. Banned for obvious reasons.
  • Terraformers
  • Dimensional Anchor
  • Ender Chest (It corrupts the world save)
  • Sticky and regular Dynamite


Joining us isn't hard at all! From the moment you log on to our server you are a member! We don't use a whitelist / greylist ! Why would we?

Server Address: play.tekkitplus.net

If the above ip address doesn't work then use this one instead





Yes we even have our own swimming pool! :D


Website: http://tekkitplus.net/

Server Rules: The Rules can be found HERE

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