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[Music] Zaruko&Co's Funky Tunes


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So me and my friends made some music (like three songs), and we thought they sounded good, so we continued in that direction, and we eventually got a few songs, that I think you'll enjoy. Also, there were three songs that the majority of the band didn't want in, and asked me to cut it.

But I didn't cut them out (shhh)!

Anyways, this will be free of charge.

It's all compressed in a .rar file, and it will be about 83 megabytes.

Gate of Music

This took us about eight weeks to do, so we do hope you appreciate it. Also, feel free to post any constructive feedback (and, seriously, don't call it, "constructive feedback" if you say, "omgzz tiz succkks").

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Sadly, Adfly links really aren't accepted here, it's even in the rule, you'll have to remove it if you don't want this post to be deleted. And honestly, even if the whole site saw it, you would make, what twenty cents? Not worth being banned for. I'm presently downloading the file. It would be better if you put it in some streaming service though. Feedback incoming.

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