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How do I interface with bundled cables?


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The title basically says it all, but how do I make a mod block connect to Redpower bundled cables? Is there something I need to download? I tried looking on Eloraam's site, but A) the site was broken and B) there was no link. Is there stuff I need? And if I get it can I still have the mod work standalone?

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I assume computercraft runs the same system as IC2, API wise.

With IC2 you just compile with the APIs added to the source (not any decompiled IC2 mod stuff) and only grab your specific files from reobfuscation. IC2 ships with the API files in place, so as long as IC2 is present any mod that uses it's API will have the necessary files in place.

If your mod uses the CC API as an optional component then you need to do some compatibility tricks so your mod only loads the CC interface code when CC is present.

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