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Server grade computer. Major Lag client-side.


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So I posted over at Bukkit and they told me to come here.

I have a custom built computer

FX-8150 @4GHz

16GB 1600MHz RAM

Radeon HD 7970 3GB

120 GB SSD

Windows 8 64BIT

Java 7 64BIT

I am running a Tekkit Server using XMSM to manage it. I live in college dorms and so the ports aren't right so I am using a program called Evolve (Hamachi like) to tunnel through. I have 55ms ping 12Mb/s down 15Mb/s up. I am using ComandsEX, PermissionsEX, NoLag, SafeCreeper, and World Edit in addition to all the Tekkit stuff included.

So my problem is that I am currently at my parent's house over Thanksgiving (yes their computer is good and so is there internet) and I can connect but there is horrible lag. World wont load, blocks will place but not show, and pressure plates for doors wont work. I have no idea why it is doing this. Connecting locally the server works ok however when my friends connect they seem to have some problems although not as much as I am having here. Really I am looking for some way to speed up the server.

Perhaps I need to edit the NoLag config? I don't think it is Evolve. It is supposed to be like a gaming grade version of Hamachi. There are only 3 users that play. I have the most technology running. I have a small factory and sorting facility but that should be all.

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Even with server side at 55ms ping 14Mb/s down 15Mb/s up and client side at 106ms ping 10Mb/s down 1Mb/s up? Should I go to the Evolve forums and ask around there?

The thing I don't understand is that most VPS providers are providing something around .5 to 8 GB RAM and some processing power. I guess the question is what is best for a Tekkit server? RAM, CPU, HDD, or Internet? If possible I would love to have around 20 people on my server eventually.

Are there any plugins or adjustments decrease network usage on the server or something? I also think it is more than just network. My friends are on the same campus as me and they have (in theory) 100Mb/s connections. Could there be something else?

P.S. I concede it is not "Server Grade" however, it is 1/2 the performance as an Xeon E5-2690 and 1/10 the price.

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