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[1.1.1] Civtek [PvP][10 slots][All Mods][No Ranks][No Votes] Build Your Civilization!

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Server IP: civtek.us.to

Server rules:

  • Don't break the server.
  • Don't cheat/dupe/etc.
  • Player moderation: use the tools at your disposal to triumph over the griefing hordes.

Banned items:

Chunkloaders other than ChickenChunks' are banned, so that chunks can be loaded for players only when they are online.


  • RandomSpawn, so that everyone starts out alone in the wilderness.
  • RadioBeacon, so that you can bring people to your city from across the wilderness, and get around the 250-block chat range. Build a radio transmitter with iron blocks and bars, and navigate to it with a compass!
  • Citadel, so that you can protect your constructions from griefers chasing your radio beacon. Instead of claiming land, you "reinforce" blocks, so that they take hundreds or thousands of breaks to destroy. Please note that this is the only protection plugin installed.
  • JukeAlert, so that you can identify and track down whoever broke into your Citadel-reinforced house.
  • CombatTagPlus, so that when you catch them you can kill them without them logging out like cowards.
  • PrisonPearl, so that when you kill them, you can imprison them in the End for all eternity. Or at least until you run out of coal to feed to the pearls.


Civtek is a civilization-building-themed Minecraft server based on the Tekkit Legends modpack and a set of plugins developed for the Civcraft vanilla server. Unlike other servers, we have no ranks, no claim blocks, no town protection, and very little moderation. However, we also aren't a complete anarchy server: the plugins used have been selected to give a decided advantage to the forces of order over the forces of chaos, by allowing structures to be reinforced against attackers, and by allowing groups of players working together to capture and imprison criminals.

Players are expected to congregate into cities and towns, and to implement their own visions of law, order, and justice.


24/7, as long as the hardware holds out. Will probably go down periodically, as it's hosted on a potato with a few gigs of RAM stuck into the side.


We're looking for players who are willing to use the player moderation tools available (i.e. track down, imprison, and hold on to griefers), rather than complaining to the admins every time someone explodes their house. We're also looking for exciting and innovative griefers, who are capable of committing their crimes without making the server unusable for everyone. We're trying to recruit a bit from /r/civcraft, as well as on here.

Note that, as a benefit of being hosted on a potato, Civtek solicits neither donations nor votes. The only way to get ahead is by playing.


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