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Tekkit Blue Screen/Only Skybox


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I have had this problem before and have had an answer for this. Last time I was told to give Tekkit around 3 gb's of Ram for this to stop. Well that didn't work, and as of now I am giving Tekkit 7 gb's of Ram. But for some reason, when I load into a Tekkit world, I get a blue screen. It will usually go away in around 5 minutes, but sometimes it just never loads. Do I need to reinstall Tekkit?

This is a picture of what I see. It is just the skybox as it turns orange if I look at fire and gradually gets darker and lighter throughout the day cycle. I can hear noises of me walking, chests, and mobs.


--EDIT-- As of right now, the screen is stuck just as the skybox, it doesn't load even after 2 hours. If someone knows a fix for this please help!

Tekkit Screen.png

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Figured out a fix. Before I go into a world or join someones game, I change my graphics settings from fancy to fast. This allows me to load in with no problems, I then wait about 2 minutes, and then I can switch the graphics back to fancy. Hopefully if you have the same problem this can help you!

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