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Certain machines cause horrible problems in my server.


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Okay, so I was running a server for my friend and I to use. I was using the latest server package (3.1.3), and we were both using the development build of Tekkit (3.1.3|1.2.5). I only have one Plugin, and it is Essentials.Two problems occurred.

1) When I powered a quarry, my friend's screen went to the dirt background and then to white. She remained logged on, but obviously could not play, and she had to close the game. For as long as I had the quarry running, she could only log on for a few seconds before this occurred again. Destroying the quarry fixed this problem. I am hoping for a more game-friendly solution.

2) When I powered up a line of machines (Rotary Macerator, Induction Furnace, etc...), it completely crashed the server. It is not recoverable by my current power. Every time I try to run the Run.bat file for the server, the console cites a number of severe Java-related errors and never brings up the server.

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Not sure about problem 1, but problem 2 seems to be Advanced Machines, which has caused a lot of problems with servers recently. You could try searching for a solution(there may be one I don't know of) or just remove the mod from your server.

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