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[3.1.2] U238 Tech [NoPvP][80 slots][Essentials][EE Partially Enabled]

Varlov Andrew

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In Game Name: FuZziOnZ

Age: 16 , turning 17 this month.

Have you had any bans before? - Never been banned.

Timezone: GMT

Tekkit experience: I have been playing tekkit around 7 months now , and know my fair bit from each mod. My specialities would have to be redpower 2 and IC2 mod , due to the amount of stuff possible with them is imense.

I understand that I do not meet the minimum age requirements , but I can assure you I am actually mature for my age after being an admin on a server before and also a mod on another , I have had minor staff roles on different servers but they are not really anything to talk about. (Not saying that having a ranked position on a server prooves that someone is mature but every little helps :) )


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